Photo-Ops, Autographs, Power Rangers Panels and More at Power Morphicon Express!

Power Morphicon Express is sneaking up on us, and the crew is busy planning the event!

While complete programming for the two-day event in Pasadena, TX (April 6-7 2019) isn’t quite locked down yet, Power Rangers fans should know that we’ve expanded the official guest list since our last announcement!

The lineup of guests from the Power Rangers series scheduled to appear in Pasadena, Texas are:

Jason David Frank

Paul Schrier

Jason Faunt

Erin Cahill

Steve Cardenas

Johnny Yong Bosch

Brennan Mejia

Nakia Burrise

Catherine Sutherland

Kerrigan Mahan

Michael Copon

Blake Foster

Azim Rizk

Kyle Higgins

Yuuta Mochizuki

Reiko Chiba

Shinji Nishikawa

Not only will many of these amazing personalities be in panels, recalling stories/anecdotes for fans to enjoy, but following programming appearances, these wonderful actors will head back to the show floor for official Photo-Ops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it cost money for an autograph?

A: Yes If you bring your own merchandise for the Power Rangers actor to sign or chose their item from a table, it does cost money. Each guest charges his or her own amount for services.


Q: Do Photo-Ops cost money?

A: Yes, it costs money to take a picture with the actors. Pricing and official photo-op schedule will be posted to the Power Morphicon Express in the upcoming weeks. We will schedule panels around the various Photo-Op schedules and ensure fans have plenty of opportunity to see their favorite actors speak and not miss the chance to have pictures taken with another.


Q: I love panels, but I want to see what the Power Rangers Fan Community is doing outside of the actors. Are you taking fan panel submissions?

A: Yes, our Director of Programming, Loryn, is accepting fan panel submission. Pitch her your panel idea here and she will get back to you about 3-4 weeks before the show and let you know if the panel will work for Power Morphicon Express.


Q: Will there be artists, vendors, and retail exhibitors at Power Morphicon Express?

A: Yes! And if you are a vendor and want to sale your Power Rangers/Sentai/Robots/awesome toys at the show, please review our exhibitor pricing guide and shoot us an email!



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